Te Korito stud males

Minffordd Dean, Sunsetestate Bastille and Te Korito Indigo are our current stud males. These working males have proven themselves at our farm with many fine cria on the ground. These males are now offered for the improvement of your herd. Full details of each male are given below along with the stud fee. Discounts are available for multiple matings.
We offer both mobile mating (we visit your farm with the stud) or host your female at our farm for mating and staying with us until pregnancy is confirmed. Travel to your farm is free within the Wanganui region but beyond this, reasonable charges will need to apply.

Our Stud Males

Minffordd Dean - a finely fleeced rose-grey stud alpaca
Minffordd Dean

IAR Number: 1003793
Colour: Rose Grey/Roan
DOB: 12/03/2011
Sire: NZ Southern Black Adder (Solid Black)
Dam: Minffordd Twighlight (Dark Fawn)

Dean was first shown at competition in 2012 where he won the junior male Huacaya (6 to 12 months) section. His fleece also won the grey section (6 to 12 months) at the Manawatu show. In 2014, he won Champion grey fleece at the Levin show with an impressive score of 71.5. Even now, his 12th fleece is still impressively soft, confirming his ability to provide enduring fineness in his off-spring.
He has a wonderfully calm temperament and is easy to handle, traits that show in his offspring.

Dean has some impressive genetics in his background including ILR Alpine Fiber's Brutus, Peruvian Hemmingway and Purrumbete Brigantine. Details of his ancestry can be viewed here.

With Dean's background, it should be no surprise that his crias have ranged from solid blacks, browns, light fawns and whites through to the different grey varieties. Among his cria born since 2018 at Te Korito stud have been a solid black and two light fawn males, and a medium brown, dark brown, roan and most recently a silver grey girl. Common to all of Dean's crias is fineness of fleece illustrating his ability to produce this trait in his off-spring.

Fleece statistics:
1st fleece: Micron 18.9; SD 4.9: CV 25.6: CEM 8.97: CF 97.1: SF 19.22
3rd fleece: Micron 21.1; SD 4.3; CV 22.1
4th fleece (Nov 2014): Micron 19.0; SD 3.9, CV 20.5, CF 98.95
5th fleece (Nov 2015): Micron 19.4, SD 4, CV 20.7
7th fleece (Nov 2017): Micron 23.1, SD 5.3, CV 22.9
8th fleece (Nov 2018): Micron 23.4, SD 5.5, CV 23.3
9th fleece (Nov 2019): Micron 22.9, SD 5.2, CV 22.5
10th fleece (Nov 2020): Micron 20.8, SD 4.4, CV 21.0
11th fleece (Nov 2021): Micron 24.3, SD 5.3, CV 21.9
12th fleece (Nov 2022): Micron 23.8, SD 5.3, CV 22.1

Stud fee: $400

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Sunsetestates Bastille - a fine densely fleeced brown male
Sunsetestate Bastille

IAR Number: 1014852
Colour: Solid Dark Brown
DOB: 6/2/2014
Sire: Canchones Tycoon (Solid Black)
Dam: Echodale Bisou (Solid Dark Brown)

Sunsetestate Bastille is the latest experienced stud male to join Te Korito alpacas. He was sired by Canchones Tycoon, a winner of multiple New Zealand show championships in breed and fleece. Bastille did not arrive with his previous fleece statistics but he is fine and has good density.
He has a lovely gentle temperament, is exceptionally easy to handle and during mating is relaxed but effective with the girls. His most recent (2023) cria has been a medium brown male.




Te Korito Indigo - stud male alpaca with an exceptionally fine fleece
Te Korito Indigo

IAR Number: 1021173
Colour: Solid Medium Fawn
DOB: 14/12/2019
Sire: Minffordd Dean (Rose Grey)
Dam: Cambridge Lily (Solid Dark Fawn)

Indigo is our latest male helping to improve our breeding herd. He is the product of two animals who have maintained fibre fineness throughout their lives.
Due to Covid, New Zealand shows were cancelled but his third fleece was awarded a third placing at the 2023 Levin show.

Fleece statistics:
1st fleece: Micron 18.4; SD 5.0: CV 27.2: CF 97.3
2nd fleece: Micron 21.2; SD 4.6; CV 21.9

Stud fee: $400

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