Photographs from the Te Korito Alpaca Farm

Last updated: 23/11/2020
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Quinn at two days Quinn at two days Te Korito Indigo at 28 days Te Korito Indigo with his big blue eyes Te Korito Zaria at one day old Te Korito Kandis - one week old Lily, Indigo and Kandis enjoying poplar leaves Te Korito Sioux at two days, Zaria feeding from Poppy in the background The five crias together Te Korito Nimbus on a fine day Indigo watching over a three day old Kandis Kandis with her dam, Kalarni, with Indigo Abba with her daughter, Adele Te Korito Sioux Liquorice, Nimbus and Vincent keenly walking a local road. Cheyenne being examined by Kalarni Poplar leaves are very popular Cambridge Lily with her new cria, Poppy Quinn at 9 months, shearing time soon

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