Fibre Products

These knitted and crocheted alpaca products are wonderfully soft as we use home spun wool from only our finest fleeces. Unfortunately, the softness can't be appreciated through a website but it is frequently commented on by our customers! All fibres used are their natural colours.
It is also unfortunate that we cannot make them as fast as they are selling! We will try to have some available here but if you looking for that special gift or just something really warm for the winter weather, please contact us. I'm sure that we can help you.


Our scarves are expertly knitted to unique designs. The fibre is usually 100% huacaya but some blended huacaya/suri is also used which is smoother and more lustrous. All fibre is from our own animals.

Due to their popularity, we are currently sold out of knitted scarves. We will have more available as time permits. We can create items to your taste, please read below.

Previous designs

All of the scarves shown below have been sold but the pictures are here in case you are looking for ideas. Click the thumbnails with each design for detailed pictures. Should you like a particular design, it can be recreated and even modified to your taste in colours.
If interested, please use the 'Contact Us' button.

Light crochet cowl

Infinity scarf/Cowl in pure alpaca

This item is crocheted and joined into a loop with a half twist making it single sided! It can be worn as a single or double loop and light, warm and very good to look at!

Darker crochet cowl

Infinity scarf/Cowl in pure alpaca

This is as above but has an alternative colour combination.

Hand knitted earthy coloured carf

Earthy colours

This scarf was knitted using four differently coloured wools to make fine lengthwise stripes. The overall effect is an earthy colour. Tasseled ends add a nice touch.

Hand knitted saw-tooth scarf

Grey saw-tooth

Some interesting knitting here to create this 'saw-tooth' effect. Grey and white wool have been used to create this quite striking scarf! The knit is looser making the overall item lighter and softer to the skin.

Hand knitted scarf

Dual twist

This is made from twin-ply wool, one strand of which is white, the other medium fawn. Hand knitted in length-wise direction with borders down both sides, it has a speckled effect.

Fleeces and Fibre Products

We have a wide range of colours in our alpaca herd and every year they provide wonderful fleeces for making fibre products. Colour availability will vary with demand for any particular colour.
In preparation, the fleeces are skirted and most of the larger vegetable matter removed. Cleaning dirt from the fleece and removal of short fibres is done by air blowing whilst tumbling the fleece in a purpose built cage.

Wool staples


The colour availability of fleeces will vary with demand and new colours are available as new animals are shorn.
The quality of each fleece is known through wool measurement statistics and so the price per kilo will vary accordingly. Please contact us with your requirements.
Wool carded slivers

Slivers for spinning

To achieve the finest product, our fleeces are commercially washed, carded and processed into long, fine slivers. These are particularly convenient for home spinners looking to create their own yarn.
Colours available vary so please contact us.
Prices:   100g bag - $10
               200g bag - $18
               500g bag - $40

Postage will depend on the weight ordered.
Hanks of spun wool

Spun wool

All of our yarn is from our own alpaca fleeces and is mostly from 100% huacaya wool. It is home spun and the colours available will depend on demand. Please contact us for your requirements. If we do not have your preferred colour in stock, it can be spun to order at no additional cost.
Prices:   50g - $12
             100g - $22

Postage will depend on the weight ordered.